Civil burial in Israel

Civil burial in Israel

Israel, a democratic state that after 64 years yet to make its call on separation of state and religious.

In 2013, the office in Israel's government to supervise the issue of burial is” the office for religious service” which use the URL, nevertheless; this office is missing from the list of offices in the English version of Israel government ministries.

In 1996, a law was passed that set alternative burial of Jewish citizen applicable. In alternative, the law set that a citizen or his next of kin be able to select what rites should be held at the burial. It, therefore, ordered that alternative (non-orthodox) cemeteries be opened throughout the country.

Loved one passed away from the world, and you want to have a funeral for him that matches the secular lifestyle he practice? Want to purchase plots or burial plots, which will be available for all members within the family someday? It is time to recognize the civil cemeteries operating throughout the country, and were put at your disposal for the option of civil – secular burial, nevertheless,  they can incorporate, among other thing's Jewish symbols taken from religious burial rites.

Contrary to popular belief, civil burial is  not conflicting or contrary to the religious burial process, and therefore, there is no limitation on incorporation of Jewish symbols during civil burial. Combination of religious elements and  traditional one in civil burial ceremony include the cutting at the close family shirts among others. Civilian cemeteries in Israel were located mainly in villages and kibbutzim, but today you can find more and more urban areas for civil burial.

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