DNA Banking

DNA Banking

Aley Shalechet is proud to work with the leading DNA banking company
Now is the time to think of taking a DNA selfie and allow yourself or generation to come to take advantage of future advancement in health science
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Why is it important to bank DNA? 

Taking snapshots of your DNA throughout your life identifies the mutational effects and may provide a blueprint for repair to combat disease and aging. For example, if you show a DNA mutation at some point in your life, we can now predict that you will likely develop lung cancer, unless you take a healthy lifestyle very seriously.
Being aware of genetic disorders in your family and taking appropriate steps such as discussing these with your health care provider may actually save lives.

There are other benefits of banking DNA. For example, it allows you to quickly identify your child or high-risk professionals such as police or military personnel in case of an emergency.

It may help securing an estate if there is any doubt about family relationships.

Other people choose to bank their DNA as an alternative to cryogenics. Instead of freezing their bodies, they choose to secure their DNA material in the hope of future techniques being beneficial to them.

Banking DNA can also be invaluable to breeders and farmers of all types to verify and protect bloodlines. Whether you breed dogs, cats, horses, cows, or other animals such as in a zoo setting, we would like to work with you to improve your breeding program.

Also, as many as one in three pets may be lost or stolen in their lifetime. DNA is the 100 percent foolproof way of identifying or proving your pet’s identity.

The DNA Banking Agreement will inform you of both your and our responsibilities as a DNA bank as well as the stipulations involved in further genetic analysis.

If you should wish to ever extract DNA from our bank for either personal reasons or for further analysis at another laboratory, you will be required to fill out our DNA Withdrawal Form. It will supply us with all the information required to take your banked DNA out of our facility.