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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt, the strongest, most popular first lady in the history of the United States, and a prominent politician and humanitarian in her own right, knew exactly how her last journey will look like. After restless life of public activity abundant with crowd, Eleanor wanted a quiet, modest, and private farewell event. She shared these feelings with her closest friends,…

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Two years ago Aley Shalechet initiated activities related to providing cremation services by conducting a wide-ranging survey of the implications and trend of cremation throughout the word, the legal aspects in the State of Israel, the effects upon the environment, and so on. After a serious analysis of the results of our survey, we decided to move forward with the…

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Virtual Commemoration Website Launched

Going beyond the boundaries of physical memory is a unique virtual commemoration website: It is the only website in the country that offers free commemoration solution for individuals and organization on one platform. The prevalent trend in the world in recent years is toward virtual commemoration. Due to the great quantity of information that can be stored on the…

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Producing a Personal Cookbook

BY Maayan Bar Even if you are one of those, whose closest friends and relatives ask for your dish recipes, it is about time to upgrade from your notes and publish your own personal cookbook. You don’t need a top-notch publisher for that – you can publish it on your own. The following is some tips on how to do…

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DNA Banking

Aley Shalechet is proud to work with the leading DNA banking company Now is the time to think of taking a DNA selfie and allow yourself or generation to come to take advantage of future advancement in health science if you like more information Just call now: 1800333188 read more Why is it important to bank DNA?  Taking snapshots of…

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