During the past decades, more and more people throughout the Western world have chosen cremation. What has moved them to make this choice? The reasons are many; here are a few of them:

  • PERSONAL/SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY �A significant number of people (and not just believers in esoteric religions) choose cremation because it is both aesthetic and modest, reflecting the way they lived their lives.
  • CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT � There is no doubt that cremation is the proper ecological solution. The cremation process is clean, and does not cause pollution; it does not make use of precious land resources for burial; and it is also convenient and quick. In order to protect the sources of potable water, the State of Israel has enacted strict laws prohibiting the burial of animals. These strictly enforced regulations are quite explicit regarding the burial of mammals, especially in the area of the coastal aquifer. Regrettably, conditions resulting from the interment of human beings are no different, and it can be argued that the concentration of cemeteries above the various aquifers (notably above the coastal plain) is no less threatening to the quality of our water.
  • SIMPLICITY AND CONVENIENCE � The aesthetics and convenience of cremation make it possible for the family to choose their own time to conduct the leave-taking ceremony, which can be held in a stately and climate controlled reception hall, suitable for any time of the year.
  • ECONOMY �Cremation is the most economic alternative among all the existing possibilities.
  • RELIGIOUS PLURALISM � Cremation is suitable for secular people and atheists, as well as practitioners of religions and religious sects that prescribe cremation.
    Migration of populations, distance from birthplaces, and the dispersal of family throughout Israel and the world, are all incentives for choosing cremation. The mobility of the funeral urn enables the family to memorialize their loved one in a way that answers the needs of today cosmopolitan generation.