Rituals and positions of separation

Another feature offered by Aley Shalechet is the writing and conducting of memorial services with an Israeli flavor.  These services are based on both Israeli culture and Jewish tradition, with changes and additions according to the desire of the individual and the family.  Cooperation in preparing memorial services and individualized adaptation to the personality of the deceased are the exclusive essence of the memorial services we conduct.

The memorial service can be held in any cemetery: the private Aley Shalechet cemeteries, cemeteries maintained by the Chevra Kaddisha, and other cemeteries. Similarly, memorial services can be held in special halls in the Aley Shalechet Funeral Homes.

Certified ceremony conductors, trained by Aley Shalechet, carry out the planning and conducting of memorial services. Our ceremony conductors are spiritual leaders with an extensive knowledge of Judaism, trained to conduct services for a large congregation. Most of them are educators, or active in various community projects. The men and women who conduct our services are chosen carefully, and
then trained and certified by Aley Shalechet to conduct and lead funeral and memorial services.

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